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Are natural energy drinks/shots ok to have on a regular basis? I tried one that didn't make me jittery or make me crash afterward. I felt ok. I'm afraid they may cause health problems later in life. Every now and then I’ve had one of these energy shots to help me get through a busy afternoon, workout after work, and evening full of my daughter's gymnastics, dinner, bath and bedtime.  

Energy drinks typically contain a lot of sugar and caffeine which is why people feel awake and have a feeling of being energized. Having one every now and then won’t do any long term damage and with your active schedule you may need a few more hours beyond the 24 in a day we all have! Rather than rely on processed, overpriced energy drinks with questionable ingredients, pack some trail mix (nuts), a hardboiled egg or yogurt cup for an afternoon snack. Sugary snacks generally make us feel lethargic so stick with proteins and good fats. After a workout, stop and get a protein shake or just a plain cup of good coffee or tea (not the high calorie sugared up, candy bar in a cup type!!)  and have it before going home or while watching your daughter in gymnastics. A lack of energy is often our body’s signal that we are lacking nutrition and a snack of whole unprocessed food is cheaper and superior to “high energy” sugar jolts.  Other reasons for having low energy is that we are overextended in our daily activities or are slightly anemic for which you would need to see a doctor.  The fix for being overextended, if that is the case, is reassessing ones’ priorities.   I have addressed this question as it pertains to you as an adult. Such drinks do have negative effects on children and children don’t need drinks like this. For more about energy drinks look at the article; or check my chapter on Energy and Food Replacement Bars and Energy Drinks in my book Diet Myths Busted.

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For me, energy drinks are also prime sources of fats because of its high sugar and caffeine content. That's why it can never make someone maintain its healthy lifestyle. I am not fond of drinking energy drinks especially after my flow workout.

July 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRomeo

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