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I really don't want to overeat over the holidays this year! Do you have any advice to avoid this?

I am so glad you asked that question! Holiday foods are a real treat for many of us so if you overdo it just a bit don't worry about it. Worrying will just make you eat more! To avoid making a habit of overindulging, remember what the holidays are really about. Reconnecting with family and friends is the important thing, not eating as much as we can. When visiting with friends and family, socialize first and when presented with a buffet, go through without a plate and make mental food choices first. Pick foods that you don't get very often over foods that you can have anytime. For example, we can have sugar cookies anytime but not homemade rumcake!  When having a full meal, remember to take small portions and eat slowly. Wait a few minutes until you go and grab seconds! That way you will feel full sooner without overeating. Have a glass of water with your meals and be careful of alcoholic beverages because they contain a lot of calories and go down easily. Plus they tend to make you more hungry. Lastly, enjoy the holidays! If you indulge here and there a little and resume normal, sensible eating habits later, you will be just fine.

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