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I'm a confirmed gym-rat. I work out HARD at least twice a day. I have had surgery for TMJ 5 times, and now I need the next one. Is there any effective workout that will not strain my incredibly painful jaws?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. When pain occurs in TMJ it can be any number of things;

the disk erodes or moves out of its proper alignment, the joint's cartilage is damaged by arthritis, the joint is damaged by a blow or other impact, the muscles that stabilize the joint become fatigued from overwork, which can happen if you habitually clench or grind your teeth. The only connection between your workouts and your TMJ that I can see is clenching and/or grinding your teeth as you workout. Also working out twice a day is a bit excessive and does not allow for your body to recover. This puts undue stress on the body and one way people deal with stress is to grind their teeth and clench their jaw. Since you already have had operations, you are seeing a specialist for the condition.  I would suggest hiring a personal trainer to review your workout schedule and goals and see if making some changes in that area will alleviate any stress and help you avoid more operations.

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