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Here is what happens to our bodies when we reduce our weight. Improve your life!


Here is a note from a dedicated reader. She is proof that eating whole, unprocessed foods in the right proportion and exercise is what works. Read her testimony!

Just thought I'd say hi via the blog. I've been reading through a lot of your entries tonight and they are quite interesting and informative. I'm still working with my trainer 2X a week. She and I are planning to run a 5K on April 21 together! I am up to running 1.5 miles and adding a little bit more every couple of runs. It took several months of working out before I was ready to get my head around controlling what I take in (and feeling good about that); I have really started improving my eating habits and have lost the first 30 lbs - ideally I will keep losing and get down another 50. As I lose weight I hope to increase my distance running. Also added yoga to the mix, which is surprisingly strenuous, at least the way my teacher does it. I certainly feel better all around and it's quite amusing to be able to get clothes out of my closet that haven't seen the light of day in a couple of years and be able to wear them again. Thanks for encouraging me to start working with a trainer - I think everything started to turn around for me when I took that step.


Here is an article that will help inspire you to create healthy eating habits.


Are there any quirky tips that keep you healthy, like taking a spoonful of oil/honey every day? 

Questions like this are the reason I wrote my book Diet Myths Busted; Food Facts not Nutrition Fiction. Too many times people are encouraged to concentrate on the minutia of details and end up ignoring the big picture of moving more and eating less and eating better. There isn’t a whole, unprocessed food out there that doesn’t offer some kind of nutritional benefit. The problem is people are always looking for something new and different when the old tried and true eat right and exercise daily is what works! There are no quick, querky, fast or surprising special ways to stay fit. Just watch Biggest Loser! The contestants are fed whole, unprocessed foods in reasonable amounts and they exercise. Nothing fancy, nothing that any ordinary person can’t do. A spoonful of honey a day is just a fad. There are plenty of people who have lost weight and kept it off without having honey.  Every patron I have had over the 20 years I have taught has been successful when and only when they adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes eating whole, unprocessed foods in a balanced proportional amount and daily varied exercise done without fads and hype.


Are there any foods like celery that don’t have calories? I really like to eat but I don’t need the extra calories.

All foods have calories. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be food. There are foods that are high in calories and foods that are low in calories. Foods that are mostly water are generally lower in calories; for example cucumbers, celery, and watermelon. Foods that are dense and high in fat, salt and sugar are high in calories. Examples are cakes, cookies, candy, candy bars, and other similar foods. If you like to eat, go ahead – just stay away from those high calorie foods and make the calories count!

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