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I try to eat in the morning, but it makes me nauseated so I avoid it. I know I need nutrition in the morning, so I do take a vitamin in the morning. I need to lose weight so I eat at least once a day, in the afternoon or late evening. I’m going crazy because I'm gaining weight instead of losing it. What’s going on?

You gain weight instead of losing it because you eat more calories than you're expending through activity. That is always, ALWAYS true. You typically eat when your stomach is completely empty, so you are feeding a very empty system and are almost certainly overeating. When we’re that hungry we often eat so quickly (ever heard of wolfing your food?) that by the time we feel satisfied, we have eaten much more than we need. The only good way to break this cycle is to start up your metabolism by eating a small breakfast such as a piece of fruit, an egg or a serving of yogurt. Once you establish this breakfast pattern, you will normalize your metabolism. You'll start to become hungry in the morning and you’ll feel like eating. Then when the afternoon comes, you won’t be so hungry, you won’t wolf your food and you won’t overeat.

Vitamins provide nutrients, but not calories. You might be getting nauseated from the vitamin pill you are taking on an empty stomach. This would likely go away if you take the vitamin with yogurt, a hardboiled egg and a piece of fruit or a bowl of high fiber cereal with milk. Alternatively, if you're able to take vitamins in the evening or after lunch, you might avoid the nausea altogether.

Study after study has shown that people who eat breakfast are more successful at losing weight and keeping it off.

The best way to gauge your food intake and how much you really eat would be to keep a food log of everything you put in your mouth each day for at least a week. This will help you see what your eating patterns are, the real number of calories you are taking in, and what you need to change. Whatever the cause, you need to eat breakfast, because what you are doing now is statistically a problem and clearly not working for you! It’s time to make a change when your current plan isn’t working.


I’m busy and find myself suffering from "missing breakfast" syndrome. Since I can remember, 99% of my morning meal consists of a cup of coffee and that is it. I know eating breakfast is good for me but I get full just thinking of food at that time. Is there any truth to a reverse diet? Eat more in the morning and less at night for dinner? Is there an easy diet for changing?

Let’s start with last part of your question first.  Since we are active during the day, we want to fuel at the first opportunity. As we wind down from the day’s activities, we should decrease our intake; thus the saying “in the morning eat like a king, at noon like a prince and at night like a pauper.”  However, if you exercise in the evening, you may need to refuel before retiring. The bottom line is no matter when you eat, if you consume more calories than you expend, you will gain weight and if you consume fewer calories than you expend (are more active), you will lose weight. 

By drinking only coffee in the morning and going to work on an empty stomach, you are running at a low blood sugar level and you run the risk of eating or overeating anything that is available.  In an office setting that might be processed muffins, donuts and other highly refined, non-nutritious food items. If you fall into this trap it sets you up for a sugar rush, then a sugar crash and what you do consume is mostly stored as fat.

Statistics show that people who have breakfast are more successful with weight loss and with their work performance. We are all busy, so lack of time is no excuse for skipping meals or workouts. We all prioritize activity and breakfast deserves to be prioritized. It is interesting that we often take better care of our cars than we do ourselves. Make breakfast a priority.

There are easy ways to make a change in your diet. First, allow 15 minutes or so for some time to eat. Your body will thank you for it. Along with your morning coffee, try to eat an egg however you like it (hard boiled can be prepared in advance and even eaten on the go), or a small bowl (1/2 cup) of high fiber cereal or regular oatmeal and a piece of fruit with a glass of milk. Another option is whole grain bread with some kind of nut butter and a piece of fruit.  You can look through this site for my recipe for a protein shake (or go here). Protein shakes are a great option for breakfast – I have one almost every day. They take maybe 5 minutes to prepare and to eat! Whatever meal you chose, you want a balance of lean protein (like an egg), good fats (like nut butters) and complex carbohydrates (like high fiber cereal grains or fruits). This is actually true for every meal – it’s what is meant by the term “balanced diet.”