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I have seen people in the gym wearing shoes that look like feet so you feel like you are working out barefoot. Does this really make a difference?

Working out in bare feet can improve a person’s balance. There are a number of classes that actually encourage working out in bare feet. Examples of these classes are Yoga, Pilates, some CORE classes and some dance type classes like Zumba.

There are 20 muscles in the feet, and when we workout in bare feet or in shoes that mimic bare feet, we challenge those muscles to balance and support us throughout our workout. Now let’s separate commercial hype from actual facts. If you are someone who is just starting out with a workout plan, you need to wear clothes and shoes that make you feel comfortable. The important thing is to get familiar with your routine and make consistency a priority. Once you have the big picture of fitness down and understand what works for you, then start to make little adjustments to fine tune your workout, like with your shoes. What is highly important is to maintain good form no matter what shoes you wear. If buying special shoes will inspire you to work out or if they feel better to you then get them. Remember that shoes or any other clothing accessory only add a minor enhancement to a person’s overall workout. Good form is what you want to achieve and what you want your shoes to support.