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I have type ii diabetes and use insulin shots. When I go out with friends and order, I count up the carbohydrate load that is on my plate and then if the carb load is more than what is allowed, I inject myself with insulin so I can eat the food. My friends say what I am doing is wrong. I’m just balancing out my carbs and insulin so I don’t have a reaction. Who is right?

Your friends are.  You are sabotaging any progress you might achieve.

When you eat more carbohydrates than is recommended, you are taxing an already stressed system that has trouble processing what you eat.

Imagine an elevator rated to hold 2000 lbs. Can it hold 2050 lbs? Probably. Would you be willing to risk it? You are playing the same game with your body and your life. The more carbs you eat then the more insulin you need in order to avoid high blood sugar. Adding more insulin encourages your body to store the sugar with more of what you don’t need, excess fat. The more insulin you use, the more weight you may gain since insulin will promote fat storage, especially if you are inactive.

At some point, just like the elevator, you will be past the limit of what your body can handle. You are perpetuating a vicious circle that will eventually make your condition worse and bring with it more complications, which may be fatal.

Stick to the meal and activity plan provided by your doctor.  If you don’t have a meal/activity plan, ask your doctor to help you make one.