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Are there alcoholic beverages or mixed drinks that are safe for people with Type 2 Diabetes?

People who are diabetic can actually have almost any kind of food or drink, but they need to plan for it in order to keep their blood sugar in control. Diabetics need to watch their consumption of carbohydrates throughout the day since carbohydrates are essentially sugar as far as the body is concerned. As for alcoholic beverages, the alcohol is treated as a carbohydrate by our body (converts to sugar) and so should be “counted” with other carbohydrates consumed during the day. The caloric content of alcohol is 7 calories/gram. Regardless if a person is diabetic or not, overconsumption of alcohol is unsafe, unwise and can definitely lead to weight gain or other health issues.


My friend says I eat too many refined and sugary foods and that will put me at risk for metabolic syndrome. What is metabolic syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is a condition where your metabolism has become affected by your eating habits – and not in a good way! It is sort of like a pre-diabetic condition. This condition is becoming more common among those who are overweight or obese and is often related to eating refined foods and consuming too many things with a high sugar content. Metabolic syndrome increases the risk of serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

 Having three or more of the following conditions indicates risk of metabolic syndrome:

  • Having extra belly fat and a larger waist.  (35” or more for a woman, 40” or more for a man)
  • Having high amounts of triglycerides in the blood.
  • Having low levels of HDL ("good") cholesterol.
  • Having high blood pressure.
  • Having high fasting blood sugar, which may indicate the onset of diabetes

Your doctor can measure all of these. Rather than listening to your friend, schedule an appointment with your doctor and have yourself tested to make sure you are healthy and not at risk of Metabolic Syndrome. You may want to ask your doctor to recommend a good dietician.