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What are the best foods are to help offset having eaten too much candy with high fructose in it. Apple cider vinegar? Grapefruit? Help before it all turns to fat! 

Think about this logically for a second. You have eaten too much candy which translates into too many calories. Why would consuming even more calories make you lose the ones you have already ingested, or somehow neutralize them? You can’t offset overconsumption with more consumption; you can only change that behavior. You can’t somehow neutralize high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).
Not to worry - we have all done this, me included, and it isn’t the end of the world. Since you realize eating too much candy with HFCS isn’t healthy and causes weight gain, instead, reach for a healthy alternative. A little dark chocolate, small amounts of dried fruit or better yet, fresh fruit should satisfy your cravings. Also journal your feelings before you reach for something sweet. What drove your desire? Were you really hungry? Were you bored? Were you revisiting a bad time in your past? Were you thirsty? Try waiting 30 minutes before giving into your craving and see if it goes away. Distract yourself by taking a walk or call a friend. If that doesn’t’ work then maybe you really are hungry. If that’s the case, choose whole unprocessed fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. In the future, try getting a variety of berries and freeze these. When the sweet tooth attacks, put those frozen berries in a glass of soda water instead of ice. You will have a sweet, low calorie snack that fills you up, hydrates you and gives you a boost of healthy nutrition!


I was looking for the food pyramid and there’s a bunch of them now! Which one is the best?

There are a number of food pyramids based on different cultures and their typical diet. There is a Latin pyramid, an Asian pyramid, a Mediterranean pyramid and a number of others. Many of these are just fine if that is the culture or the types of food you prefer. I tend to like the Healthy Eating Pyramid because it covers the basics (  All the pyramids have the largest segments at the bottom representing what we should consume the most, to the top which represents what we should consume the least. The Healthy Eating Pyramid sits on a foundation of daily exercise combined with specific weight controls. These two related elements influence your chances of staying healthy by affecting what you eat and how your activity affects you.  If you are a couch potato, no matter what you consume, some of it will be stored as fat. The Healthy Eating pyramid also suggests eating a balance of whole grains, fruits and vegetables along with good sources of oils (healthy fat). Above that on the Healthy Eating Pyramid are protein and legumes. Dairy can be found above that as an alternate source of fat and protein. The tip is reserved for foods that are processed, or full of preservatives, sugar, salts and trans fats.  Alcohol is recommended either in moderation or not at all. Supplements are also only advised when used on the counsel of a physician.  The Healthy Eating Pyramid is not a rigid road map or a “diet,” and does not give specifics about the numbers of cups or ounces to have of specific foods each day. Servings vary depending on body size and physical activity. It's a simple, general, flexible guide to how you should eat. If you’re looking for a useful food pyramid, this is the one I would recommend.


I have discovered jicama and absolutely love it chopped up raw as a snack during the day. I want to know the nutritional qualities but am not finding anything. Could you give me the breakdown of what vitamins and minerals are contained in this Mexican Root?

Jicama (pronounced he-kumma) is a sweet, root vegetable that looks like a turnip. Sometimes it’s called the Mexican potato. It can be eaten raw and is often found in salads. One cup of sliced raw jicama has about 40% of the Daily Value (DV) of vitamin C and 16% of the DV for folic acid. Other vitamins and minerals are in trace amounts. Jicama is a carbohydrate that is low in calories and high in fiber.

Yambean (jicama), raw

Major Nutrients from 1 cup = 130g

Water  117g

Calories 50

Protein 1g

Fat  0.12g

Carbohydrate 11.5 g

Fiber 6.4g

Ash 0.4g


Vitamin C 26 mg

Thiamin 0.03 mg

Riboflavin 0.04 mg

Niacin 0.26 mg

Pantothenic acid 0.18 mg

Vitamin B-6 0.06 mg

Folate 15.6 mcg

Vitamin A, 27.3 IU

Vitamin E 0.6 mg


I am overweight and for this New Year, 2011, I am really determined to lose the weight. How can I be successful this time?

Remember that you didn’t gain weight overnight so it will take time to lose it. Losing weight is not a temporary fix. It needs to be a total lifestyle change that becomes permanent. I’d suggest considering the following plan.

First, gradually switch your foods from prepackaged, processed, refined foods to whole, natural, unrefined and unprocessed foods. For example, once you run out of soda pop, don’t replace it. Instead start to drink water. If you want flavored water, you can freeze grapes, strawberries and melons and use them as ice cubes or simply try using frozen fruit.  Be conscious of how much food you consume, when you consume food and why.  Try writing down exactly what you eat for a week without really making any attempt to change anything. That will give you a good basis for where you are starting. You want to be somewhere around 2000 to 2200 calories a day to lose weight. Start an exercise program doing an activity that you enjoy, not one that you think will burn the most calories. Unless you engage in an activity you enjoy, you will not do it consistently. If you can’t or won’t be consistent, or if you feel lost, consider hiring a personal trainer. They are worth the expense – and so is your health. Most importantly, be consistent and try to exercise at least three times a week! Once you start, make your desire to change become an important part of your life and guard your workout times jealously. Make it a priority! The best gift you can give yourself and your family is a healthier, happier you!  Search this site for more information on personal trainers, food, and exercise and I believe you will find a lot of helpful information and success stories!