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Can you recommend strength training for women in their 40's? I don't want to bulk up or get injured, just toned. Thanks!

Studies show that beginning weight training at ANY age will improve a person’s metabolism, muscle tone, bone structure and overall health. The only way to get injured is to lift with poor form, so I recommend  enlisting the services of a personal trainer to get you started. You really need an assessment of where you are at right now to get started right.

Here are some general guidelines though.

1.       Women generally do not lift heavy enough. They worry about bulking up. Lift heavy – you won’t bulk up. Women don’t have enough testosterone to bulk up. My slogan is “the more you use, the more you lose.” That of course has to do with weight loss but it’s true for sculpting as well.

2.       Injury is almost always caused by poor form. See my videos on youtube (go to you tube and search for dietfitnessdiva)  for pointers on form.

3.       Work from large muscles to small (i.e. chest, back then arms & shoulders)

4.       Work upper body one day for at least 45 minutes, and lower body the next for 45 minutes.

5.       Allow your muscles at least 24 hours to recover.

Good luck! I love lifting and it builds bone mass which offsets osteoporosis among other things!