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I've gained a lot of weight in recent months. I used to work with a trainer, and work out five days a week. I felt great, and my confidence was soaring. With regard to fitness, I've LOST all the progress I've made, and I'm starting to feel the ill effects of weight gain and lack of exercise. What are some practical ways to motivate me to get back on track?  

You have provided a lot of your own motivation – just think about it. You say you are feeling the ill effects of your current condition, that you used to feel great and have lots of confidence. Do you want to feel that way again? That’s motivation right there.

The first and most important thing you need to do is make your fitness and overall health a primary priority. You are important, plus when you are healthy and full of confidence, your family will also benefit in many ways. Keep in mind what motivated you before and what is making you consider a change now to get back to it. This is a good thing!  Your body is sending you a message.

Even with a tight economy, hiring a trainer and working with them on a regular basis is smart money! At least until you get back on track. A trainer can provide inspiring and interesting workouts that can provide that motivation to get in gear. In addition to working with a trainer, try taking a variety of classes; maybe some water classes or classes that focus on beginning cardio and weight training. If you belong to a club, the social atmosphere of friendly people who are in the same boat as you can provide comfort, drive and motivation.

How many things do you do that are really for you? Remember, this is for you, about you and YOU are worth it. The benefits extend to friends and family and the rewards are waiting! Just think how you’ll feel the next time you hear “what have you been doing, you look great.”