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Iodized Sea salt cost is $2.85 vs. $0.63 for Morton's Iodized salt. The container is the same size.My boyfriend is upset because I refuse to pay $2.85 for the Sea Salt. I say sodium is sodium & the cost is a deal breaker. Is the processing of Morton's that horrible that it would warrant spending that much more for Sea Salt?

Please see my post on sea salt vs table salt from just a few days ago. The short answer is no and you are correct; salt is sodium chloride (NaCL), sodium is sodium and NaCL is NaCL, whether we box it up after pulverizing it from a rock or after distilling it from seawater.  Letting salt evaporate naturally from sea water produces a salt with slightly different trace minerals, texture and color, from the salt that is mined from a rock. Iodized salt is laced with iodine which is an important element we all need and is not found naturally in NaCL (including sea salt). In this case, chemistry and financial responsibility trumps the “natural” choice.