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I am a tri-athlete, so I work out a lot and am slim and trim. I find I can eat whatever I want and I don’t gain weight. I eat fast foods, processed foods, candy, cookies, bakery items and fancy coffees. Even though I have never come in first, second or third in an event, I almost always place and always finish in my events. I can’t seem to actually win. How do I improve my performance and win?

The diet you describe is one that sabotages your performance rather than enhancing it.  Such foods harden arteries limit blood flow, oxygen uptake, muscle strength and affect performance. You do well right now but imagine how much better you would do in events if you fueled your body with whole, unprocessed foods.  If you had a hot rod Corvette or some other fine high performance car, would you put junk gasoline and oil in it? Would you  change the filter and spark plugs regularly?  Why treat your car better than your body?

If you want to win, eat a winning diet!