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I am overweight and for this New Year, 2011, I am really determined to lose the weight. How can I be successful this time?

Remember that you didn’t gain weight overnight so it will take time to lose it. Losing weight is not a temporary fix. It needs to be a total lifestyle change that becomes permanent. I’d suggest considering the following plan.

First, gradually switch your foods from prepackaged, processed, refined foods to whole, natural, unrefined and unprocessed foods. For example, once you run out of soda pop, don’t replace it. Instead start to drink water. If you want flavored water, you can freeze grapes, strawberries and melons and use them as ice cubes or simply try using frozen fruit.  Be conscious of how much food you consume, when you consume food and why.  Try writing down exactly what you eat for a week without really making any attempt to change anything. That will give you a good basis for where you are starting. You want to be somewhere around 2000 to 2200 calories a day to lose weight. Start an exercise program doing an activity that you enjoy, not one that you think will burn the most calories. Unless you engage in an activity you enjoy, you will not do it consistently. If you can’t or won’t be consistent, or if you feel lost, consider hiring a personal trainer. They are worth the expense – and so is your health. Most importantly, be consistent and try to exercise at least three times a week! Once you start, make your desire to change become an important part of your life and guard your workout times jealously. Make it a priority! The best gift you can give yourself and your family is a healthier, happier you!  Search this site for more information on personal trainers, food, and exercise and I believe you will find a lot of helpful information and success stories!


I know that drinking soda pop is supposed to be bad. Even though I tried to give it up, I just can’t! What is a good way to kick my soda pop habit? I really am hooked on the sweet taste!

You’re right! Soda pop is definitely the cause of lots of health problems. One 12 oz can of soda contains an average of 160 calories of colored sugar water as well as acids that will strip your teeth of tooth enamel. Soda pop provides no nutrition. Unfortunately, soda pop is also addictive which is why you are having a hard time giving it up. 

Here’s one way to maybe kick the habit. Try to wean yourself off of soda pop by replacing most of your soda consumption with healthier alternatives until you drink only those alternatives. A great healthy alternative is to use frozen fruit in soda water. Freeze grapes, strawberries (or other berries), orange slices, peach slices, melon balls or pineapple and use them instead of ice to flavor carbonated water.  Gradually you can move from carbonated water to plain water while still using frozen fruits instead of ice cubes. You can also use frozen fruit in unsweetened iced tea. The fruit will give your water or tea a sweet flavor and also provides a much healthier alternative to pop.