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I really want to tone my legs and lose weight quickly. I think my best bet is to ride a spin bike and pedal very fast while wearing ankle weights. The problem is I am getting sore knees and hips! Should I try heavier weights?

One major disadvantage to using ankle weights is they create stress in the ligaments of the knees and ankles. Running or spinning while wearing ankle weights increases the stress in these areas and is not recommended. If you are able to spin very fast, you are not using enough resistance and that will cause pain in your hip joint. Spinning is a great cardio exercise, a good way to lose weight and it is very effective without the use of additional ankle weights. A spin bike is by design, a variable resistance machine on its own. If you want a harder spinning workout, simply add resistance to the wheel and pedal harder.  If you want to increase the muscle mass in your legs, I would suggest weight training. Doing squats and lunges using hand weights or a weighted bar will trim and tone your legs. To ensure that you are using proper form, I’d suggest enlisting the help of a personal trainer.